Rappers Are Puerto Rico’s Police Department New Trophies

Over the weekend yet another reggaeton artist, Nengo Flow, was arrested. I’ve written about Anuel AA and Pusho‘s arrests on this blog before and over the weekend a third one is added to that list. Ñengo Flow was arrested over the weekend and this latest trend of arresting rappers has begun to get some attention.

The circumstances of Ñengo’s arrest are unclear, as several news sources report differences in the reasons or the orders of him being detained. Some say it was because of dark window tints on the vehicle while others say it was a drug dog that marked the car. He, his uncle and his barber were detained but only Ñengo was charged with possession for an ounce of weed worth $40.

He was released on a $5,000 bail but not before sparking another hashtag, #FreeÑengo, which showed another onslaught of support from the community. Even Yadier Molina, catcher for the Puerto Rico World Baseball Classic 2017 team expressed his support on Instagram.

mi herma estamos contigo @nengoflowofficial tqm mi bro realG4vida bro

A post shared by Yadier Molina (@yadier_marciano_molina) on

Another rapper, Kendo Kaponi, took to Snapchat to vent on how the police of Puerto Rico have taken to targeting rappers instead of doing their jobs. He states that it isn’t everyone in the department but that 80% cops are paying more attention to celebrity news and the prestige of being the one who arrested X rapper. Check out his full comments in the video below.


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