Gasolina Remix Rumors Spark Disappointment

Daddy Yankee is probably one of the best-known reggaeton artists in the world. If you can’t recognize his name you, at the very least, must have heard his international hit Gasolina.

This song changed the game. It paved the way for reggaeton to enter the mainstream. It’s the song that makes everyone go wild at parties as it’s the ultimate classic. It’s a unifying song that most people have some relationship too.

So when someone put up artwork about a (most likely fake) Gasolina Remix yesterday, people had opinions. The joke comes from the recent trend of a lot of songs, mostly trap songs, having a remix version with more artists. This one features DY, of course, Yandel, Nicky Jam, Cosculluela and J Balvin.

gasolina remix

Tweets are mostly negative, people saying that the remix is unneeded.

“Gasolina Remix, now they really ran out of ideas”

“If they make a Gasolina remix Imma tell god to move PR [Puerto Rico] to hell” from a Benedict XVI pope parody account.

“Rumors of what is the genre’s greatest urban hit Gasolina is getting a RMX. What do you think?”

“@ELTrapeo @daddy_yankee don’t you dare make a Gasolina remix, the original is where it’s at, don’t ruin the song that changed the genre”

Others are more critical of the content.

“What is JBalvin doing there if they supposedly make the “Gasolina” remix??? It needs to be someone old school like Don Omar for example”

“Perfect roster for gasolina remix:
Wisin y Yandel
Plan B
Nicky Jam
Don Omar”

Some are even complaining at people complaining.

“When was the last time you listened to Gasolina? In 2010 or way before….then damn stop the cryparty and let him do a remix”

And the most amusing one yet:

Someone comparing a Gasolina remix to remixing the Puerto Rican national anthem.

“This would be like making a remix of La Borinqueña”

I myself consider remixing this track sacrilege, and I was shocked to find out that it was already remixed back in 2004, some months after its release. It was DJ Buddah ft. Pitbull, Noriega and Lil Jon.

Daddy Yankee has yet to speak out on whether there is any truth to this, but if this remix is real it’s sure to have some strong impact on reggaeton.


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